Dr. Dolittle Jr. (Youth Theatre)

Doolittle webMay 2-8  |  This heart-warming family musical re-tells the classic tale of a wacky but kind doctor who can talk to the animals, taking the audience on a journey from the small English village of Puddleby-On-The-Marsh to the far corners of the world.  All of the characters we’ve come to love through the stories of Hugh Lofting and the magical 1967 movie musical starring Rex Harrison (as well as the 1998 Eddie Murphy re-make) are given new life in this buoyant stage version.

When Doctor Dolittle attempts to help a seal named Sophie, he’s wrongly accused of murder and stands trial.  Once pronounced innocent, Dolittle is free to continue with his search for the Great Pink Sea Snail – the oldest and wisest of all the creatures on the earth.

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