Audition Invitation from Paul Seymour, Artistic Director

Hello. As Cresson Lake Playhouse Artistic Director, I want to invite you to audition this season.

Time Commitment

Everyone is very busy these days. So I wanted to give you a little background on the time commitment for a CLP production.

We do everything that we can to respect your busy schedule. Rehearsals last 4-5 weeks, not 8-10. Just as important, we’ve shortened the performance schedule.  You may remember when CLP had performances over three weekends.  We shortened that to two weekends, and it worked out very well – fewer performances with bigger audiences.  Productions have 7, 9, or 11 performances and run over two weekends not three.  That’s one less week of time commitment right there.


We want to make auditions as easy as possible.  So there are no memorized monologues required.  Everyone will read scenes from the script.

For musical auditions, you can bring 16-32 bars of a prepared song (with sheet music or a karaoke track) if you want to.  But if you don’t have anything prepared, we’ll teach you a song that night that you can sing for your audition.  (We’ll be teaching the song at the very beginning of auditions, so please be on time.)

Audition dates are already scheduled for the entire season and are listed on our website.

The CLP Experience

At Cresson Lake Playhouse, we believe that the process is as important as the product. (Another way of looking at it is that all of the drama should be onstage, not backstage.)

Talk to anyone who was part of our recent seasons. They’ll tell you that they had a great experience.

While we have actors who come back season after season, almost every show has new people in it. As you’ve probably seen, we include people of all ages.  It’s one of my favorite things about community theatre.  Age just doesn’t seem to matter.

So you’ll have a great time meeting new people with similar interests, exercising your creativity, and performing on a unique stage.

If you always wanted to be in a show but have never “taken the plunge,” if you were involved before but haven’t done it recently, or if you are a regular on our stage, we want you to be involved. There is nothing like a Cresson Lake Summer!

I hope that you’ll consider auditioning for our season.  Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends.


Paul Seymour
Artistic Director

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