Special Appeal Campaign for Lights & Sound

10978663_937280192957546_1404223077508698022_nWe need your help to raise $10,000 to match a grant from Penelec!  We’re more than halfway to our goal.  Please read the details below and donate.

Sound System

As you probably know, we’ve been having issues with sound at the barn for years. The source of our sound issues has been the microphones which are not only old but also worn out. Last season, we were fortunate enough to borrow some microphones which made a big difference. Unfortunately, that was a one-time-only deal. To fix the problem permanently, we need to purchase new ones. Twenty quality microphones along with their matching transmitters and receivers will cost about $500 each and will provide our audiences with a better experience for years to come.

Lighting System

Many of our lighting instruments are 30+ years old and are in need of replacement for both technical and safety reasons. New LED lighting instruments ($500 each) will be safer and much more energy efficient, reducing our electric bill by as much as $2,500/year. In addition, they will reduce our A/C usage in the summer because LED’s run much cooler than older lighting units.

We plan to replace all 40 lighting units this year. We’ve already found a used lighting board for $1,400 that will be able to handle the new computerized LED instruments.

Two-year $30,000 project including a $10,000 challenge grant from Penelec

The total project cost to upgrade both the lighting and sound systems is $30,000 over two years. Penelec (through the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies) has awarded Cresson Lake Playhouse a $10,000 challenge grant that must be matched dollar for dollar.

The plan to reach our $30,000 project goal over the next two years is to combine the $10,000 Penelec grant along with $10,000 through fund-raising events and through this special appeal campaign to our audience members and our corporate sponsors in 2016 and 2017. That’s where you come in. We have already raised more than $5,000 toward this year’s $10,000 goal.

Penelec’s generosity (through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies) has given us an opportunity and a challenge. As a supporter, we hope that you will donate to this special appeal to upgrade the lighting and sound systems at CLP. You’ll see a big difference this season with these improvements.


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