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Last chance to donate to the Resinski Green Room!

In conjunction with Bonnie Resinski’s revival of “Silhouettes” in September 2015, Cresson Lake Playhouse is wrapping up a special appeal fund drive to renovate the Green Room at the barn.  All proceeds from “Silhouettes” and from the special appeal campaign will support the renovation project.  Work is now underway and when the project is complete, we will dedicate the “Resinski Green Room” to honor Kenny and Bonnie Resinski for their role in the early success of Cresson Lake Playhouse.

Donations to the Resinski Green Room project are still being accepted and can be made here.

Over the years, CLP has made improvements to the Green Room and Dressing Rooms in the lower level of the barn theatre.  The dressing rooms were expanded to double their original size.  A rudimentary kitchen was added at the bottom of the stairs for prop food (and for cast parties).  Heat and air conditioning were also added.

However after 40 years, it’s time to make additional improvements to the space that serves the actors and technicians who make our productions possible.

All CLP alumni would have recognized the existing make-up counter since it has not changed in 40 years.  It was still plywood and 2×4’s.  We are in the process of installing new counter-tops with improved lighting and outlets.  The Green Room’s original plywood walls have been replaced with drywall.  We’re also in the process of replacing the Green Room furniture with soft comfortable seating.  (The tall pink padded benches from the early days are long gone.)  But the biggest undertaking is a complete renovation of the kitchen including new cabinets and counter-tops.  Work on the Green Room is now underway and should be completed in January.  The project can be scaled up or down based on the money raised.

These drawings for the renovation were provided by CLP alum Albert Pelliccioni.  Click to see the Floorplan – Kitchen, the Floorplan – Greenroom, and the Makeup Counter Detail.

All contributions are appreciated, but if you make a contribution of $500 or more by December 31, 2016, your name will be listed on a permanent plaque on the wall of the Resinski Green Room.  (Our safe and secure donation software allows for recurring gifts so that you can spread out the payments.)

Donations to the Resinski Green Room project can be made here.


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