CLP Unplugged – July 31

Cresson Lake Playhouse is pleased to announce the evening’s entertainment for its second performance of CLP Unplugged 2017.

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The first Unplugged event of the year was a huge success with great talent. The dates for the remaining Unplugged performances will be July 31 and September 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm. Each Unplugged concert will feature a variety of musicians performing different songs and styles of music. No performance will be duplicated on any of the evenings.

The line-up for July 31 includes several duets, a small group and many solo performances. Music genres will range from jazz, 80s rock, blues, country to current music styles. Performers and numbers include but are not limited to:
Cristin Caroff – “She Used to be Mine”
Gina Volpe/Jonathan O’Harrow – “Love Me/Don’t”
Davey Beyer/Dani Vella/Joe Caroff – “Waving Through a Window”
Mikayla Fox/Mikayla Hazy – “For Good”
Mike Hale – “Never Had”
Mariah Duman – “Don’t Rain on My Parade”
Davey Beyer/Libby Lees – “Crazier Than You”
Tony Anthony – “What You’d Call a Dream”
Trevor Tarwater – “Ordinary People”
Taylor Koenigsberg – “I Won’t Mind”
Sam Caplea/Aaron Caplea – “One More Maybe”
Sarah Everett – “Wedding Song”
Aaron Caplea, Ayden Stiffler, Rhys Long, Jude Caroff, Adam Sauka, Jake Kopco – “Hallelujah”

Many of these performers are CLP audience and local favorites returning to the Barn stage. This promises to provide all music lovers with a great evening of musical entertainment.

Individuals who wish to participate in future Unplugged performances can contact Artistic Director, Paul Seymour at or by calling 814-472-4333.

The second 2017 CLP Unplugged will be held at the Barn theatre at 279 Shapiro Road in Loretto on July 31 at 7:30 pm. Tickets will be $12 and can be purchased either at the door, by calling 472-4333 or by visiting this link.

Click Here to Buy Tickets to CLP Unplugged July 31.

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