Exit the King

May 29 – June 3, 2018  |  This dark comedy balances wildly funny moments of Burlesque physical comedy and Vaudevillian word play with musings on what it is to be human. King Berenger is facing his final day of life after a 400-year reign. His armies are dispersed, and his palace walls are crumbling. The heaters aren’t working, and the sun won’t rise. Even the royal washing machine has been pawned.

The king’s partner wife, the Older Queen, advises the King that his life will end when the play ends and that he needs to accept it. His trophy wife, the Younger Queen, encourages him to live in the moment and to not give in. Meanwhile his Doctor, his Nurse, and his Guard provide comic (and not-so-comic) commentary that will keep you laughing and musing until the end (and possibly beyond).

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