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If you are interested in directing at Cresson Lake Playhouse, you should read this.

We develop our season based on directors proposing shows that they want to direct.  We want CLP’s season to be made up of good directors working on projects that they are passionate about. We look at a lot of different criteria for selecting a season which I’ll talk about in a minute.  But the first step is a director proposing a show.

If you’re interested in directing at CLP, here’s the process:  send me an email.  Give me a show or (even better) a list of shows that you would like to direct at Cresson Lake Playhouse.  Frankly, the more options you give me, the more likely we’ll be able to include one of your selections.  Tell me why you love those titles.  Tell me about your directing experience and your directing approach.  Tell me about your availability during the next season.  Sell me on the play.  Sell me on you.

You need to know that we have a lot of factors that influence choosing our season.  Here are a couple of the more important ones.
•       Will our audience like it?  We like artistic challenges, but we still have to pay the bills.
•       Can we cast it?  Some of my favorite musicals would be very difficult to cast at CLP. Also, keep in mind that it is difficult to cast a large show in the late May, early June spot and it is difficult to cast two large shows back to back, so we need varying cast sizes throughout the season.
•       Will it fit into the barn?  Our performing space is unique.  How will this show fit into it?
•       Where does it fit in the season?  The production with performances in late July and early August is usually the big family musical.  Other than that, we try not to lock into “slots.”
•       What is your availability?  You need to be around for the rehearsal period.

We like to announce the season in October.  So if you want to direct next year, we need to hear from you by the end of August for discussion by the Artistic Committee.  Use the “Contact Us” form at this link.

We get more applications than we could possibly use, so please don’t be disappointed if we don’t pick you and your show.


Paul Seymour
Artistic Director

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