Unplugged 2016

Unplugged logoBy popular demand, CLP Unplugged is back!

Last year’s CLP Unplugged was very, very popular.  Our audiences were impressed by the level of talent on display.

On Monday, June 27 at 7:30 p.m., we will host another evening of entertainment for area music lovers at the barn theatre at 279 Shapiro Road in Loretto.  As you can see below, we have a line-up of talented musicians from across the region.

Musical selections range from Frank Sinatra to Umphrey’s McGee to Broadway musicals to Prince.  A complete list is below. Continue reading

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My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra!

June 21 – July 2  | Featuring more than fifty Frank Sinatra songs, this musical revue will take you from his early beginnings as a crooner in 1940’s New York, to the bright lights of 1960’s Las Vegas with the Rat Pack, to his final performances in the 1990’s as the “Chairman of the Board.”

We’ve got four amazing singers to perform for you from Frank’s songbook.  Pictured below are Tony Malvoisin and Julie Hanlon (front row), Kelly Devitt and Rick Herbster (back row).


Unlike many homage musicals that attempt to recreate the life of a person, this revue features two dynamic couples in a classy tribute to Frank’s style and to some of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century. “My Way” is a celebration just as Ol’ Blue Eyes would have wanted it – a few stories, a few drinks, and plenty of knockout tunes.

“The Spitfire Grill”

Cresson Lake Playhouse is pleased to announce the opening of The Spitfire Grill.  In this wonspitfire percy cookingderfully uplifting musical, a feisty parolee named Percy Talbott, follows her dreams based on a page from an old travel book, to a small town in Wisconsin. There she finds a place for herself working at crusty Hannah Ferguson’s Spitfire Grill. It’s for sale but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so newcomer Percy suggests to Hannah that she raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why they want the grill wins. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full, the town is turned upside down and things are definitely cooking at the Spitfire Grill.

The Spitfire Grill is directed by Steven Michael Guice and music directed by Paul Seymour. The cast includes Gabbi Lechak as Percy Talbott, Cspitfire ad with hannayLP Alum Wendy Stewart as crusty Hannah Ferguson, Altoona native Jordan Miller as Sheriff Joe Sutter, CLP’s Artistic Manager, Claire Houser, as busybody Effy Krayneck, and Scott Getz and Megan Jones as Caleb and Shelby Thorpe. Enjoy these strong performers as they bring to life this highly acclaimed, soul satisfying musical.

Performances for the general public will be held May 26-28, May 31 and June 1-4 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, May 29 at 2:00 pm. Tickets for these performances will be $12, $16 or $20 each (including all fees) and can be purchased online or by calling Cresson Lake Playhouse at 814-472-4333.

Auditions for “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

Help us spread the word! Audition details below!Joseph web

Regular Auditions: June 5 & 6 @ 6:30 pm to be held at Cambria Dance Academy (427 S. Center Street, Ebensburg, PA 15931, below and behind Sunseekers – across the parking lot from the CLP Lantzy Rehearsal Hall: USE THE PINK DOOR)

Children’s Chorus Auditions: We are having separate auditions for the Children’s Chorus.  Click this link for more info.

Performances – July 26 – August 6
Director – Paul Seymour
Music Director – Paul Seymour (Tom Nagy will be music directing our Youth Choir)
Choreographer – Emily Volpe
Stage Manager – Claire Houser

One of the most enduring musicals of all time, Joseph is based on the Bible story of a Continue reading

Taking the Fear Out of Auditions

Since becoming Artistic Director at CLP, I’ve had many conversations with people who expressed interest in auditioning for a show.  Some had done theater in the past but had fallen away from it and others had never tried it before.  I asked them what was holding them back and the answers were interesting and illuminating.  Many people questioned their talents and abilities while others were afraid of the audition, saying things like, “I don’t know what I would sing or what scene I would read.”

This is understandable.  Auditions CAN be intimidating, but they don’t have to be.  We have changed the format of our auditions at CLP so that they are less frightening and more “user friendly”.

In the past an auditionee would have to prepare 16-32 measures of a song and provide music for the accompanist.  This begs the question, “What do I sing?” That can be a tough choice and send many inexperienced auctioning actors running for the hills.  Additionally, an auditionee often had to prepare a monologue for the acting portion of the audition.  This provided another very difficult challenge for an inexperienced actor.

To accommodate the inexperienced actor OR a person that simply does not have time to prepare an audition, CLP has made changes.  Now, one can choose to come to an audition without anything prepared.  We will teach you a short part of a song at the beginning of auditions and provide you with a scene or monologue for the acting portion of the audition.  This takes away a lot of fear and misgivings. So, if you have always wanted to try your hand at theater or would like to return to theater after an absence, there is no time like the present.  If you want to try out for a starring role or be the 4th tree in the second act (both of which are equally important to the success of the show), give it a shot!

One of our directors said it very well, “When people come in to audition at CLP, we want them to do well.  We want them to succeed.  This is not a New York City cattle call with hundreds of auditioners where the director is looking to eliminate, eliminate, eliminate.  At Cresson Lake, we want to include, include, include.”

Being involved in theater productions is endlessly beneficial.  It broadens your social circle and helps you tap into the artist in all of us.  Remember, the CLP family wants and needs you to be involved and I promise you, it will change your life!

Paul Seymour
Artistic Director

CLP Comedy Night – Grownups Only, Leave the Kids at Home

comedy night Cresson Lake Playhouse is kicking off the 2016 season with a night that is sure to tickle your funny bone – Comedy Night: Grownups Only, Leave the Kids at Home.

Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, the evening’s entertainment is made up of songs and sketches that are not exactly G-rated including musical numbers from A Chorus LineChicago, and Avenue Q. The performers include returning CLP alumni, Jonathan O’HarrowJoe Caroff, Davey Beyer, and the Volpe sisters – Rachel, Emily, and Gina – among others. The final number in Act 1 will be Anne Crusan returning to CLP after 30 years to perform “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago. Jonathan O’Harrow, last season’s director of Smokey Joe’s Café and Altoona Community Theatre’s very own Shrek, will host the evening as Master of Ceremonies.

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2nd Annual Mother/Daughter American Girl Doll and Friends Tea Party

Cresson Lake Playhouse is thrilled to announce the date for the 2nd Annual Mother/Daughter American Girl Doll and Friends Tea Party. The popular tea party event will be held on May 14, 2016 at the Noon-Collins Inn at 114 East High Street in Ebensburg. The tea party will once again be held in two sessions: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served, musical entertainment will perform, door prizes will be raffled off and participants will complete a craft. Door prize raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the tea party. Doll clothing/accessory vendors as well as jewelry vendors will also be present. Children are encouraged to bring their American Girl doll or favorite stuffed animal or doll to the tea party. Hair stylists will be available to style their doll’s hair.

Space is very limited. Reservations can be made by calling Cresson Lake Playhouse at 814-472-4333. Payment must be made at the time of the reservation and all sales are final. Costs are $30 for a mother and daughter and $15 for each additional child or adult. All proceeds benefit Cresson Lake Playhouse.

“Meet the Directors” on March 13

On Sunday afternoon, March 13 at 1:00 p.m., CLP is hosting “Meet the Directors” at the newly remodeled Lantzy Rehearsal Hall at 427 S. Center Street in Ebensburg (across from Agway).  All of our directors will be in attendance to talk about their productions and what they’re looking for in a cast.

Our music directors, stage managers, and choreographer will be there too.  There will be time to talk with them one-on-one.

We’ll also demonstrate some auditions do’s and don’ts.

The Season

We have some great plays and directors lined up for 2016. Claire Houser is directing our Youth Theatre production of “Dr. Dolittle Jr.” in early May.  Next up is “The Spitfire Grill” directed by Steve Guice.  Sam Wagner will be directing “My Way” to be presented in June.  Paul Seymour is slated to direct “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in July.  Eric Wolf is directing “Doubt” which goes up in September.  Our October production, “Zombie Prom,” will be directed by Holly Smith.  You can find more information on these plays by clicking the links on the left.

Audition dates are already scheduled for the entire season and are listed on our website.

Audition Invitation from Paul Seymour, Artistic Director

Hello. As Cresson Lake Playhouse Artistic Director, I want to invite you to audition this season.

Time Commitment

Everyone is very busy these days. So I wanted to give you a little background on the time commitment for a CLP production.

We do everything that we can to respect your busy schedule. Rehearsals last 4-5 weeks, not 8-10. Just as important, we’ve shortened the performance schedule.  You may remember when CLP had performances over three weekends.  We shortened that to two weekends, and it worked out very well – fewer performances with bigger audiences.  Productions have 7, 9, or 11 performances and run over two weekends not three.  That’s one less week of time commitment right there.


We want to make auditions as easy as possible.  So there are no memorized monologues required.  Everyone will read scenes from the script.

For musical auditions, you can bring 16-32 bars of a prepared song (with sheet music or a karaoke track) if you want to.  But if you don’t have anything prepared, we’ll teach you a song that night that you can sing for your audition.  (We’ll be teaching the song at the very beginning of auditions, so please be on time.)

Audition dates are already scheduled for the entire season and are listed on our website.

The CLP Experience

At Cresson Lake Playhouse, we believe that the process is as important as the product. (Another way of looking at it is that all of the drama should be onstage, not backstage.)

Talk to anyone who was part of our recent seasons. They’ll tell you that they had a great experience.

While we have actors who come back season after season, almost every show has new people in it. As you’ve probably seen, we include people of all ages.  It’s one of my favorite things about community theatre.  Age just doesn’t seem to matter.

So you’ll have a great time meeting new people with similar interests, exercising your creativity, and performing on a unique stage.

If you have always wanted to be in a show but never “taken the plunge,” if you were involved before but haven’t done it recently, or if you are a regular on our stage, we want you to be involved. There is nothing like a Cresson Lake Summer!

I hope that you’ll consider auditioning for our season.  Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends.


Paul Seymour
Artistic Director

2016 Season

Dear Theatre-goer,

I hope you got out to CLP in 2015 to see some of our shows.  We received very positive audience feedback for You’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownSmokey Joe’s Café; Little Shop of Horrors; The Nerd; and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  Our audiences also like our added attractions like CLP Unplugged.

10978663_937280192957546_1404223077508698022_nWe have another great selection of shows coming up for 2016 – The Spitfire Grill (a new musical), My Way (a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (a family favorite), and Doubt (an amazing drama).  You can read more about them by clicking the links on the left.

It’s a great season, and I hope that you will subscribe now.  The biggest reasons to subscribe are Continue reading