Season Ticket Packages

2018 Season packages are now available!

Great for Christmas and birthday gifts! 

If you are interested in a season ticket package, you must pick a plan from the list below. Each plan has prescribed attendance dates associated with it. Plan 1 is made up of all Thursday evenings, Plan 2 is Fridays, Plan 3 is Saturdays, Plan 4 is all Sunday matinees, Plan 5 is Tuesday evenings, Plan 6 is Wednesdays, Plan 7 is the second Thursday of the performance dates, Plan 8 is the second Friday and Plan 9 is closing night which is all Saturdays. All evening performances begin at 7:30 pm and the Sunday matinee is at 2:00 pm. For your convenience see the information below for the performance dates for each plan:



Ordinary Days




The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)  


Patsy Cline

Plan 1 June 21 July 26 August 30 October 4
Plan 2 June 22 July 27 August 31 October 5
Plan 3 June 23 July 28 September 1 October 6
Plan 4 June 24 July 29 September 2 October 7
Plan 5  June 19 July 24 September 4 October 9
Plan 6 June 20 July 25 September 5 October 10
Plan 7 June 28 August 2 September 6 October 11
Plan 8 June 29 August 3 September 7 October 12
Plan 9 June 30 August 4 September 8 October 13

Each season subscription is $60 and provides the purchaser with one ticket for each of the four shows listed above. If you cannot attend one of the shows on your plan date, please call 81-472-4333 to exchange your ticket for a different performance of the same show. Please note that the exchange must be completed 24 hours in advance of the show time you are switching your ticket from. Exchanges are free for the first ticket exchange of a performance. If tickets are exchanged more than one time per show, the exchange fee will be $2 per ticket.

To purchase a season subscription, click on the plan name above. (Tickets will be mailed to you in early April, unless you choose to print them yourself when you checkout.)

Flex plans are also available!

Flex plans can also be purchased instead of season subscriptions. Each flex plan gives the purchaser four tickets that they can use to attend any performance dates of the following five shows: Exit the King, Ordinary Days, Annie, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) Always…Patsy Cline. Flex plans are $64 and can be used to reserve tickets beginning on April 8, 2018.

To purchase a Flex Plan, click here.

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